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After more than 70 performances, on stages, a boat, caves, an oldtimer museum or in a river, in 6 different countries and 3 languages, Slam Poetry has become a true passion.

It all started in October 2015 in Salzburg, Austria, when his former mentor Lukas Wagner invited him to perform as Slam Poet as a part of a special event's program. Since then, Florian goes from stage to stage and performs as seasoned Spoken Word Artist in German, English & French.

Through the fantastic network of Slam Poetry Artists in Europe, he also had multiple times the opportunity to perform his words in front of various cultures with stages located in cities such as Paris, Budapest, Vienna and many others.

His work's themes range from thoughtful and calm to hilarious and captivating.
If requested, he would even make you cry because of the story of a stone.


Some of his greatest poetic achievements include the live performance at a TEDx Talk in Vienna and a publication of one of his poems the first German Queer Slam Poetry Anthology "Fantastische Queerweesen & wie sie sich finden" by Stef & Sven Hensel and a double-page in Austria's PRIDE Magazine during Pride-Month 2018.

Thanks to his work with Fountain Poetry and stage experience, he can always be at one's service as professional poet & host for a small or large audience.

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